Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Treasured Day!

My friend, Sandy, and I spent this past Saturday at a workshop, “Pearls of Wisdom” with Cindy Gonzales at Gilding the Lily.    We both ogled over the online sample and were so excited to be able to take a workshop together. We couldn’t wait. 

When we arrived, Cindy had our workshop goodies all wrapped up in a cute packages including darling little vintage glass coffee cups, also filled with goodies, at each seat ready for us. Like kids at Christmas, we un-wrapped our packages and got started. We not only learned a new technique, we made new friends and really enjoyed ourselves, laughing and sharing. 

By the end of the class, we had a finished soldered bottle to take home. I was very pleased!   As an added touch,  Cindy gave us the little vintage cups! She was a great instructor!  I can’t wait to try this technique again on my own.

I always LOVE going into Gilding the Lily, so I was thrilled to share the experience with my friend, Sandy, who had not ever been.  We visited with the delightful Nancy, and Robin (Dudley-Howes)  who happened to stop by.  And to top off the day,  I found some wonderful vintage treasures, not to mention some GREAT inspiration! 

I left that day with a warm & happy heart and my wheels spinning.


  1. Joann...what a sweet bottle!! It sounds as though Cindy created a wonderful day for you ladies. And the goodies you found at Gilding the Lily are wonderful. I hope to be able to visit Nancy's lovely shop one day. Happy creating.
    Ta Ta

  2. Joann,

    I love seeing your jewelry in print, big congrats to you!! I'm also glad to hear you enjoyed Cindy's class, I'm not surprised to it she always does great things!!