Monday, February 7, 2011


Ahh all those things we love to collect, all the stuff we have surrounding us.  To me, like I’m sure you, it’s not just stuff.  What possesses us to start our collections?  Could it be for inspiration, maybe it belonged to someone special in our lives and we were inspired to continue the tradition, or something we latched onto when we were younger.  Or just because…    I often think, “what will happen to all my stuff?”  I guess it would be like the stuff we find at flea markets that make us wonder who belonged to all this stuff? And what stories those things could tell us.

Over the years I think I’ve started & stopped collecting all sorts of different things, antiques, shells, bears, palm trees, suns, mermaids, angels, hearts, and can’t forget the Christmas reindeer.  However, there are just a couple of things I don’t ever get tired of collecting, Shells and Hearts (oh and the Christmas reindeer). 

 Perhaps what inspired me to start collecting hearts is not just for their shape but because hearts are used as prevalent symbols representing love.  As for shells, well I’ve been collecting shells ever since I was a little girl and always love spending time at the beach, and really, who can’t resist picking up a cool looking shell?  

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